Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep cutting out?

Bluetooth speakers are great for music lovers and make it easier to listen to audio. Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep cutting out? means sometimes when you connect your Bluetooth speaker to the device, or audio cuts out and in while you’re enjoying music or attending calls, as they can be frustrating when this happens. When the sound from your Bluetooth speaker cuts off or is distorted, you might be a little annoyed, right? And that can be a huge headache when you don’t know how to fix a Bluetooth Speaker problem. To over this problem, take a look at the article on fixing it.

Why do Bluetooth speakers stop working?

When you’re trying to connect your Bluetooth speaker to the device or audio cuts out, or the speaker is not working properly, it can be more frustrating. However, a few problems can occur when using a Bluetooth speaker.

  • Any Physical Damage
  • Battery is low
  • The device isn’t Paired Properly
  • Interference from radio waves
  • Keep your Headphones Signal Range
  • Audio Streaming Application May Be Outdated

How can I fix Bluetooth cutting-off issues?

Any Physical Damage

Physical damage is the result of accidental dropping or mishandling of a device. There are several ways to protect your device from physical damages, such as using the appropriate size of the case, carrying it properly, and not dropping or bumping into things that could cause an accident.

Battery is low

Usually, the distortion occurs when your Bluetooth device is operating on a low battery. Firstly check the battery level of the Bluetooth device. If it has a relatively short amount of time before shutting off completely, you may have to charge it for about an hour and then try again.

The device isn’t Paired Properly.

Make sure your device may have a Bluetooth speaker connection properly. Or, if you have Bluetooth turned off, the signal from your mobile phone might not be strong enough to connect to your Bluetooth speaker. So, you have to connect it properly.

Interference from radio waves

Interference from radio waves or other electronic devices is a common problem with wireless communication. Interference can take many forms, such as noise and distortion that impairs signal reception. In order to overcome this issue, wireless systems must be designed in ways that minimize interference through careful placement.

Keep your Headphones Signal Range

Your headphones might lose their connection when the range of Bluetooth has exceeded. The problem occurs due to a technical limitation in Bluetooth, which can only maintain a wireless signal for approx 100 meters.

Audio Streaming Application May Be Outdated

Sometimes your audio streaming application is not working properly or may be outdated. The application cannot handle the amount of data uploaded onto them, resulting in buffering and cutting out the audio quality.

How does a Bluetooth connection work?

Bluetooth technology, a short-range radio frequency communication protocol, allows devices within a limited distance to communicate smartly with each other without wires. So how does Bluetooth work with the device? Firstly you need to be paired your Bluetooth device with a speaker or another device such as smartphones or laptops. Once the pairing process is done now, you can sync both devices and enjoy a piece of music as per your choice. But remember that you have to be in the range of Bluetooth.

What should be considered when buying a Bluetooth speaker?

Things that you should consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker:

check price

Portability and design

When you buy a Bluetooth speaker, make sure that it’s portable or well designed. Portability makes them perfect for carrying at various locations or outdoor activities such as camping or picnics. People might want some tunes but don’t have access to an audio jack on their phone.

Battery life

The most important thing in a speaker is battery life. When buying a Bluetooth speaker, ensure that it has a long-lasting battery life, so you do not have to deal with the battery’s issue. Good battery life makes your event nicer because it is the best companion for long days.

Sound quality

Do not compromise on sound quality because the bad quality of sound is also a reason for the audio stutter problem, so make sure it’s loud enough to be heard clear sound wherever you go.

No connectivity issue

Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, check that it doesn’t have any connectivity issues and must support your device.


With so many wireless technologies available today, we discussed Bluetooth speakers. The main issue is that it keeps cutting out, so there are a few things you can do to get your speaker connected again. Firstly, check battery life, be in the range of Bluetooth, properly paired with the device, and the audio streaming application may not be outdated. With these fixing techniques, you can easily fix your Bluetooth speakers.

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