3 Music Apps That You Should Consider Using

3 Music Apps That You Should Consider Using. Music is one of the most important cultural aspects that has been around for ages. For some, it is a source of inspiration and relaxation, whereas others could not imagine their life without music because they treat it as a means of expressing themselves. Then there are those who work in the music industry or dream of doing so one day.

The bottom line is that music plays a prominent role in our lives, and it makes sense to seek ways to enjoy it regardless of where you are.

Thanks to access to digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, you can enjoy music even while traveling.

Of course, it means that you need to store music on your device so that the tunes are available to you. Or, you can connect to the internet and use one of the many available applications for different operating systems.

These days, it makes sense to use streaming services and other platforms that offer media on the go, and music is no exception. Not having to store files on your mobile device or computer is an advantage some people tend to overlook.

For example, if your mac is really slow, the problem could be related to storage, and if you are keeping media on the computer, including music, available streaming services and apps could help solve the problem.

Below, you will find a list of 3 music apps/services that you should consider using. Each has different features and pricing models, so pick one that suits your needs the best.


Let’s start with YouTube. It is the most popular video platform on the internet. Users can find music clips and random videos that have tracks, but that is not necessarily the best approach.

In 2015, YouTube launched its own streaming service, called YouTube Music (not a lot of originality here). Available in more than 100 countries and on almost every major platform.

The price model is what you expect. There is a free version, with a premium plan that offers extra features, such as:

  • Audio-only mode
  • Larger song library
  • Ad-free listening experience

Even though YouTube services are pretty reliable, you might still encounter some issues with it. As for why YouTube is not working properly on your device, the likely causes are the lack of updates and cache, so taking care of those should be enough to solve potential issues. 

Overall, YouTube as a video platform and its Music streaming service are solid choices for music lovers.


If there is one platform that stands out from the rest, it has to be Spotify. Many people prefer it over other options despite its price tag. 

Spotify has a free version, but it becomes bothersome to listen to all the ads, so getting a premium option makes sense. 

There are multiple options as far as paid plans go. You can go with the default plan for 10 dollars per month. If you want to save some money, create or join Spotify’s family plan (15 dollars per month) that allows up to 6 people to have an individual account. Duo is also an option for 13 dollars for two people. Lastly, students can get a Spotify premium for 5 dollars a month.

Now, as far as features go, you can expect to get access to plenty of great playlists created by other users. Exclusive and select albums are also available to premium users, so you get to be one of the first to hear it.

If you use the desktop application, Spotify lets you store audio files locally. The sound quality is great as well, regardless if you pay the money or not. 

Spotify also has a great collection of podcasts. If you enjoy listening to educational pieces, entertaining shows, news roundups, or other types of podcasts, Spotify has you covered as well.

Listeners can follow lyrics as it is one of the most recently added features to the platform. While not necessarily a big deal, it is still pretty handy.

Finally, since Spotify is so popular, you should not have problems finding your favorite tracks and creating a playlist for your workout routine or another occasion (unless some music is region-locked).


LiveXLive replaced Slacker back in 2017, and it did not take too long for the platform to become one of the best and most recognized services for streaming audio. 

If there is one thing that stands out about LiveXLive, it has to be podcasts. However, music fans should not disregard the service either.

For as little as 4 dollars per month, LiveXLive users get to enjoy 320kbps bit rate instead of 128Kbps audio quality. In addition, you can also skip ads and banners that get in the way of your enjoyment of using the platform.

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