How to Record Audio With Your Bluetooth Headset

How to Record Audio With Your Bluetooth Headset
Record Audio with Bluetooth Headset

The demand for Bluetooth headphones is on the rise, showing that technological advancements have been frequent in recent years. Most people use Bluetooth headsets to take calls on the go, but they didn’t know that Bluetooth headsets can also be used to record audio. 

Some people want to record lectures, music, meetings, etc. with their wireless Bluetooth headset. But they don’t know how to record audio with the Bluetooth headset. But on the other hand, some people said that Bluetooth headphones frequently disconnect in the middle of recording audio. So there are some issues people have faced while recording the audio via Bluetooth headset.

By this article, you are able to know how to record audio with your Bluetooth headset and what problems will be facing while recording?.

How to Record Audio With Your Bluetooth Headset

With a little effort, you can record the audio through the Bluetooth headset on any device. The processes for recording audio with particular devices are listed below:

How to record audio on android:

  1. Pair your Bluetooth headset with an android phone.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your android phone and activate the recording device(headset). If you have the pair compatible devices option enabled, some of the high-end devices will automatically connect with your device. 
  3. Once the device is connected to the headset, then launch the recording software and start recording.

How to record audio on iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings and enable Bluetooth.
  2. Activate the headphone device connect it to the iPhone.
  3. Tap the name of the recording device when you see it on your iPhone. 
  4. Once the device is connected, exit the settings and launch the Audio recording app.
  5. Tap on the Gear icon (lower-left corner of the screen).
  6. In the settings, choose the ‘Use Bluetooth mic’ option and tap done. 
  7. Now whenever you connect a Bluetooth device, your phone will use its mic.

How to record audio on windows:

1. Ensure that your Bluetooth headsets are connected to your laptop.

2. Open the Run dialog box (small window) by searching for it or by pressing the (Windows+R)key.

3. Once the Run dialog box is open, then type ‘control mmsys.cpl sounds’ and click OK.

4. Click on the Recording tab.

Run dialog box
Run dialog box

5. Click on your Bluetooth headset’s name(which is connected to the laptop).

6. If you want to make it a default recording device for your laptop, then click on Set Default.

7. Test whether your Bluetooth mic is working or not, by clicking on the device once again and visit its Properties. 

8. Click on the Listen tab and choose to listen to this device, then click OK.

9. Now to start recording, Open the software where you want to record your voice, such as Audacity, WavePad, Ardour, or any similar platform. If the software is already open, you need to Restart them.

10. Make the Bluetooth mic the default recording source from within the software once it has started.

How to record audio on mac:

  1. Go to the Mac menu and choose System Preferences. 
  2. Pick the Bluetooth option and select Show Bluetooth in the Menu bar. Now that the icon is visible, now connect the Bluetooth device to the computer. 
  3. Now go to the menu bar and select the Bluetooth icon.
  4. Click on the recording device in order to connect. They may ask for a security check (PIN or approvals).
  5. Once connected the headset, automatically used as the default output device and the mic as the default input device.
  6. If the mic is not still working even after the Bluetooth headset successfully connects to your Mac, Click on the Apple icon and go to System Preferences.
  7. Now spot the Sound icon and double-click on it.
  8. A window will open up, listing all the sound input and output devices. Click on input and see if your Bluetooth device is visible or not. 
  9. In case there is an additional microphone, you can easily disable it. 
  10. Once you set up the things, exit the Sound setting and proceed on with your work. 

Recording problems associated with Bluetooth

There are some recording problems associated with Bluetooth. That’s why Sometimes the Bluetooth headset doesn’t record the audio. Below are the issues most people have to face while recording the audio.

Pairing issues:

The pairing issues probably happen because multiple Bluetooth devices are connected to the host device. Disable all of them to connect the desired recording device(headset). If both devices are not connected, then restart the pairing process.

Mic connection:

If the Bluetooth headset does not have a mic or if it does, the mic is not connected to the computer. Set the microphone setting properly. If you’re sure, your Bluetooth headset has a microphone, repeat the connecting process until the microphone option displays on the screen.

The Bluetooth voice recording app:

Sometimes your recording app doesn’t work properly or you have downloaded some fake applications. There are so many options for recording software, it can be overwhelming to decide on the best option. A Google search will reveal tons of programs with varying features and prices. These are some reliable and authentic recording apps that you can use free and easily for different Operating system.

Audacity is an open-source and digital audio editor for Windows and Mac systems. Easy interface and multi-track audio recorder.

WavePad Audio Editor Software is an audio and music editor for Windows and macOS. You can easily record audio via a Bluetooth headset.

Easy Voice Recorder is a free android software for recording audio. Easy interface, you can record the lectures and music with just one tap recording feature.

Ardour is a digital audio workstation software where you can record and edit the audio according to your desire. It’s free and can run on multiple operating systems( windows, Linux, macOS).

Voice Momos application is designed for iPhone or iPad users. It has a user-friendly interface and provides multiple features to the users for free. But Voice Memos has no file-sharing option.

AudioShare application is for iPhone users. You can easily download it from the Apple store. It has excessive audio recording capabilities and impressive file management.

Disconnect frequently:

Bluetooth devices are known to disconnect at times, especially when in use. This can be annoying if you have an important call or need the music playing while recording your voiceover for Youtube videos.

This passage discusses some issues people may encounter with their Bluetooth headphones being disconnected unexpectedly.

Out of the Bluetooth range:

To resolve this issue, you must have to be in the range of Bluetooth. If you move out from the range, then it may be disconnected.

Low Battery issue:

Make sure that your Bluetooth headset is charged because a low battery may also affect the sound quality and disconnect the device frequently.

How to improve the quality of your Bluetooth recordings

There are several methods to improve Bluetooth recording. As we all know, Bluetooth headphones work on digital signals, so interferences from multiple sources occur while recording, which increases the interference risk. Changing the Bluetooth codec is a better way to improve Bluetooth recording.

Basically, the codec is used to compress your voice and other sounds for transmission that will affect how clear things stand out in playback. Especially if they’re played back at higher volumes or increased volume levels during editing later on. 

The default codec code in the device is SBC (Sub Band Codec). In Android Oreo and later versions, you can manually change the codec for improved Bluetooth recordings. 

Remember that both your smartphone and the Bluetooth headset must support these codecs else, it will not work.

Frequently Asked Question:

How can I use my phone as a mic with Bluetooth headphones?

Turn on the Bluetooth option from the phone and connect to your Bluetooth headset. Open recording application, and make sure that the sound audio goes to the Bluetooth headset and not via the internal speaker. Then start the Listen function. The voice from the phone’s (Android) built-in mic will be transmitted to the Bluetooth headphone.

Do all Bluetooth headphones have built-in mics?

Most Bluetooth headphones have a mic, but some earbuds don’t because these earbuds are only for listening purposes and you are not allowed to record anything with them. You have to connect an external mic to record audio.


Sometimes, Recording audio with Bluetooth headset is a hassle because most people don’t know how to record audio with Bluetooth headset, and also it disconnects the connection frequently. So, what to do in this situation? This guide will help to overcome all these problems. Simply you have to pair both devices( the Bluetooth headset and the host device). Set the right microphone setting, be in the range of Bluetooth and record the audio using the recording application. You may also improve your Bluetooth recording by changing the Bluetooth codec.

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