How to extract clear voice from a noisy audio file

How to extract clear voice from a noisy audio file
How to extract clear voice from a noisy audio file

You may see a lot of audio files like voice recordings or lectures which have a noisy background and you have trouble understanding things in noisy situations then what to do in this situation? So in this guide, we are discussing how to extract a clear voice from a noisy audio file.

What is Noisy audio File?

Audio noise refers to a sound wave that is not only coming from a single source but also comes from numerous sources at the same time. If you record something, the multiple sound waves come from multiple sources and they are save into the audio file. When someone listens to those audio files, the noisy disturbance makes them trouble understanding things.

So it is possible to extract clear voices from a noisy video or audio file because different sources have different sound waves so we can extract clear voices easily. But why do we do that? Because it makes the audio file easier to understand or less distracting.

How to extract clear voice from a noisy audio file

There is a variety of software that removes noise from the background and extract clear voice. These are some amazing software for removing pesky background noise. By following given steps you can easily extract the clear voice.


  1. You have to download Audacity software from the internet. Then open the Audacity and create a new file, click File > Import and select the audio file(that audio file in which you are removing the noise).
  2. Select the silent part of your audio clip so it’s just noise.
  3. Go to the ‘Effects’ menu on the top of the screen and scroll down and click on the noise removal option.
  4. You will then get a pop-up window, asking you to “Get noise profile”. This allows Audacity to know what to filter out. It automatically detects background noise and creates a profile of what background noise to remove from your audio file.
  5. Now select and highlight all the audio from where you would like to remove the background noise.
  6. Adjust the settings accordingly then click ok.
  7. When you are done with the settings. Then export the file, click: File > Export and select the file type. Export file to MP3 or WAV format in the export dropdown menu. Also there are other export types available, click File > Export > Export Audio. Once you have adjusted all the settings then click OK to export the file.


  1. VEED is an online audio editor. You can remove noise from the background by uploading your audio files to VEED. It works right in your internet browser.
  2. Click on the ‘audio track’ option, open the settings, then click ‘Clean Audio’ option. The background noise will automatically disappear in seconds.
  3. Hit the ‘Export’ option and your new file will be rendered in a couple of moments.


KRISP works with many communication applications like audacity, zoom meeting, discord etc. There are multiple features to remove the background noise. The simple way to remove the unwanted voice is given below:

  1. Download the KRISP app on your windows or mac system.
  2. Once the KRISP app installation is done then select the audio tab and turn ON the “remove noise” option for the noise-cancelling magic.

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction App
Noise Reduction App

The noise reduction app is for android users to remove background noise. It has a feature for batch noise reduction from a list of recorded audio or video files.

  1. Download the app on your android phone.
  2. Tap on the “Audio noise reducer” option and select the audio file from the phone.
  3. Then tap on the noiseless audio. It will save on the app and from there you can share the noiseless audio file. 

Is audio noise harmful?

Noisy audio can be harmful to the person who listens to them because hearing loss over time can be a result of noisy audio files, the unwanted noise like firecrackers or horns of buses near your ear makes your ear little damage, which can be caused by repeated exposures to loud sounds.

Another disadvantage is your viewers will be distracted from the important information provided by the individual speaking in the video if the audio is too loud or noisy.

So, it’s better to remove the noisy background from the audio file before sharing it with the other person.

What things should consider BEFORE recording?

The things you should consider before recording the audio are listed below:

Record in the quietest environment

Finding a quiet space where no potential interruption, no voice interference and no noisy background. A place where you can easily record the audio without disturbance.

Use a dynamic mic

A good mic can also make a difference between noisy or noiseless audio. Look for one with a cardioid pattern, which focuses on what’s in front of it rather than what’s behind it. Here is some of the best headset microphone for recording audio.

The mic should away from the noise

Some mics are pick up sounds in the direction they’re pointing. So it’s better to away your mic from the noise or solid surfaces like windows.

Install noise removal app

Install the noise removal application for the better results. There are so many apps that give you a noise cancellation option before recording. 

If you are having problem to record a audio file check out the article for How to record an audio file with headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you extract clear voice from a noisy audio in WavePad?

To remove noise from the background, upload your audio file into the WavePad. Go to the ‘Effects’ tab, then click the Cleanup option and select Noise Reduction. Click the preset drop menu and select the audio file, then click OK to apply.

What materials can block sound?

Acoustic Hangers, Fiberglass, Soundproof drywall and many other things can block the sound coming from outside. But Different materials are used in different scenarios like Acoustic hangers are mounted on the wall or ceiling to reduce the noise coming from outside the room.


Sometimes extracting clear voice from the noisy background in an audio file is a big hassle because many people don’t know how to extract clear voices. And sharing noisy audio file with someone is harmful because you didn’t convey your message properly and listeners do not understand the exact thing. So in this guide we discussed how to extract clear voice from noisy audio file and what things we should consider while recording audio. This will help you to overcome the problem of listening to noisy audio files.

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