how to connect speaker wire to receiver

If you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your home audio system, one easy way to do so is by connecting your speakers directly to your receiver. This guide will show you how to connect speaker wire(cables) to the receiver.

how to connect speaker wire to receiver
how to connect speaker wire to receiver

If you are a music person and looking for a better sound quality result then restore a home stereo system. With a stereo system, music comes from different points or dimensions between or beyond the speakers and you will be immersed in the music as well as the environment in which it is performed.

For a Home stereo system, speakers and receiver or amplifier are the real need. The issue arises during the connection process. Mostly people don’t know how to connect the speaker wire to the receiver.

Speaker cables can be connected to terminals on the back of most stereo receivers, amplifiers, and conventional speakers. But different speakers have different connectors So in this article we discussed the connection of speaker wire with different connectors.

Connect Negative to Positive Terminals

You’ll find all the terminals at the back of your stereo receiver. While the terminals on the back of the receiver tend to be easily identified if they label the positive or negative terminal. The confusion can occur when the labeling isn’t obvious.

The red color clip is showing the positive terminal. And the black one is obviously showing the negative terminal.

For connecting the devices, the positive(red) terminal of a receiver will be connected to the positive terminal of the speaker similarly, the negative(black) terminal of a receiver will be connected to the negative terminal of the speaker.

Different Terminals on the receiver

Most stereo receivers have pin connector support terminals.Pin connectors are used only with spring clip terminals. These pins are firm and easy to insert.

Binding posts are only used with banana plug and spade connectors. When you tighten the post, the banana plug goes right into the connector hole, while the spade connector stays in place.

A step-by-step guide to a simple system:

  • For spring clip terminals, insert the speaker wire into the slot by pressing down on the red clip(positive) or black (negative) clip. 
  • For binding post terminals, turning the positive(red) or negative (black) binding posts to the counter clockwise direction for inserting the wire. Tighten the binding posts to the clockwise direction after inserting the speaker wire into the slots under the binding posts.
  • Connect the other end of the wire to the corresponding speaker terminal.
  • Then switch ON the receiver to enjoy the sound.

Types of connectors and their connection to the receiver

There are different types of connectors like Pin connector, banana plugs , spade connectors etc.

Types of connectors and their connection to the receiver
Types of connectors

Connecting speaker wire together with spade connectors

Step1: On the receiver, loosen the binding posts by unscrewing them until a slight gap happens to insert the spade lug terminal.

Step2: Strips and then twist the wire ends together tightly to keep the strands together. Fold it and insert tightly in the spade connector.

Step3: Insert the positive and negative spade terminal respectively under the speaker terminal and screw it down slowly. Make sure the spade lug terminal does not move.

Connecting speaker wire together with pin connectors

Step1: Unscrew the cap of the receiver.

Step2: Strip away some insulation from the end of the wire then twist or crimping the wire by soldering.

Step3: insert the bare wire and then screw back in place.

Connecting speaker wire together with banana plugs

Step1: Unscrew the banana plug with a screwdriver. 

Step2: Strip and twist the wire ends together to keep the strands tighten together.

Step3: Fold the wire under itself and insert it through the center of the banana plugs until it reaches the bottom.

Step4: then tighten the set screw firmly while holding the wire underneath it inside.

Step5: push it into the binding post or jack.

How can I connect speaker cables(wire) to the receiver?

Now, you’ve determined which connection is working for your receiver, it’s time to connect your speaker wires to the receiver.

First, you have to connect the receiver output marked speaker(left) to the left speaker and the output marked speaker(right) to the right speaker respectively. Also, the positive end of the speaker wire must be connected to the positive terminal at the receiver. The same with the negative terminals.

All you have to do now is make sure that each output connection is connected to the appropriate speaker. Also ensure that your connection must be secured.

How do I hook up multiple speakers to my receiver?

Connect multiple speakers by using a series combination. Connect two or more speakers using series mode and then use a split cable to connect a second pair of speakers.

Connect the positive connection from the receiver to the positive input on the first speaker. Then negative connection on the first speaker to the positive connection on the next speaker. Similarly, connect all of the speaker sets together and then connect the end of the last speaker’s cable into the negative jack on the receiver.

Frequently Asked Question:

Which speaker wire is positive and negative?

Speaker cables are typically color-coded to make it easier to remember which one is positive and which one is negative. Red and black are the most frequent color codes, with red representing the positive and black representing the negative.

What does A and B mean on speakers?

Some receivers have a Speaker A and Speaker B switch on the front panel. Which shows you can play music either on the A channel, B channel or both (A and B) at the same time.  The Speaker A output is used for the speakers in the main living room while the Speaker B output is for a second set of speakers in another room.


Connecting speaker wire to receiver is not a big problem but determining which wire connection is suitable for your receiver is. In this guide we discussed the different types of connectors and their wire connections to the receiver. First of all make sure which connection is suitable for your system. Then connect positive or negative terminals of speaker wire to the receiver.

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