How Long is the Battery Life on Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are a type of wireless headphone. They allow you to listen the music and other audio content while you’re on the go. So do you ever find yourself using Bluetooth headphones for hours on end, and then the battery dies? That’s because your headphones are not designed to last long on a single charge. Most of the time, it’s better to stop using them and recharge them.

If you have any experience with Bluetooth headphones, you know that it’s really hard to get them to last more than a few hours. 

So In this article, we are going to take a look at how long the battery life on Bluetooth headphones and what’s the reason behind battery drainage.

How long will they work? 

There are different types of Bluetooth headphones like Wireless headphones, headsets with microphones, and Earbuds. Different headphones have different battery life. So, It depends on what type of headphones you have. 

Some headphones last up to 20 to 22 hours, while others only last for 8 or 10 hours. A standard or average quality Bluetooth headphone works for 20 to 22 hours. Before the battery completely shuts down, recharge them because you can no longer use them. Don’t overcharge the headphones because if you overcharge them, your headphones will be affected badly. 

An Average Bluetooth headphones need only 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged. If you need to charge your Bluetooth headphones for an extended amount of time, consider purchasing a power adapter.

Also, If you are not using the headphones at that moment, try to turn them off because this also saves your battery from being low.

Reasons why the battery of Bluetooth headphones drain quickly:

Overnight charging:

Don’t leave your headphones for overnight charging. It may have a negative impact on battery life, causing it to stop working and draining the battery. If you don’t overcharge the device, it will help to conserve the battery’s life. 

Note: Keep your electronic device charged between 20% to 80%; this is an ideal ratio to keep headphone battery life secure.

Streaming apps:

The biggest source of battery loss is the use of music or streaming apps, as many of these apps rely on data and screen time. Streaming apps consume a lot of power; it might be the reason why your battery is draining quickly. 

If you are playing games that require high graphics and sound levels, it will also decrease the headphone’s battery.

Your headsets connected every time:

Try to turn it off when headphones are not in use. The battery of headphones will drain quickly if you are using them repeatedly. Disconnecting the headphones from the device when not in use will also help to save the battery’s life.


Avoid placing your Bluetooth headset in direct sunlight or cold places. It may affect the whole Bluetooth headset.

In standby mode, do headphones drain the battery?

In standby mode, Bluetooth headphones will also consume battery, but the amount will be little or negligible. During standby mode, the headphone device is still connected to the host device and transferring information. However, the power requirement for such usage is quite minimal. 

The talk-time or listening-time of Bluetooth headsets are so drastically different from battery power consumption in standby mode. So it’s better to disconnect your headphones from the device when you are not using them.

How Long is the Battery Life on Bluetooth Headphones?

To check the battery life of Bluetooth headphones, you need to take them off and plug them into an outlet. Then, open up the device and look at the battery indicator. If the indicator says there’s still a little bit of battery left in the headphones, it’s time to recharge them. If the indicator says that the headphones have run out of battery, you should stop using them and recharge them.

Unfortunately, in some Bluetooth headphones there is no indicator that shows the battery level, so in this case, you have to check the battery status from your hosting device.

For smartphone:


  • Step i: Pair and connect your smartphone with the Bluetooth device/headphone.
  • Step ii: Go to the settings and click “connected devices.”
  • Step iii: Tap on the setting icon, which is next to the connected device, and see all the details of the Bluetooth device or headphones.

If they can’t show you the battery status, it means your phone does not support battery level API, so in this case, you have to install some application from the play store to check battery level status.


  • Step i: Go to the iOs today view screen.
  • Step ii: long tap at any widget, then + icon appears on the upper left side of the screen. Tap it.
  • Step iii: Then click the battery option and add the widget. Once you add the widget, then it will show the connected headphone battery level status.

For Laptops:


  • Step i: Go to the notification area(placed at the bottom right of the desktop screen).
  • Step ii: Click on the upward arrow to see the Bluetooth icon.
  • Step iii: Click on the Bluetooth icon and pair your device to the headphone.
  • Step iv: Once they are paired, see the headphones’ battery level.


  • Step i: Click on the Apple icon(placed at the upper right corner of the screen) to open the menu.
  • Step ii: Go to the system preference, then select the Bluetooth option.
  • Step iii: Pair the headphones with the device. After that, you can see the battery status.

Is it possible to replace dead batteries in Bluetooth headsets?

You can replace dead batteries, but you won’t be able to do if your Bluetooth headphones don’t have a swappable or replaceable battery system. However, because most headphones don’t have a replacement battery option, it’s best to get a new one if the headphone is dead or stop working rather than to replace the batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the AirPods battery life last?

Airpods can last upto 3 hrs of talking time and 5hrs of listening time in a single charge. If the battery is getting low on Airpods you will get the notification on your iphone screen.

Why are my Bluetooth headphones dying so fast?

Because of some streaming apps that have a lot of data which drain the battery fast. Furthermore, if the headphones are old enough, the battery issue is there, and the battery drains quickly.


The battery life of headphones depends on the condition of the headphones, whether it is new or long used. The maximum battery of headphones lasts for almost 20 -22 hours. But if you want a long-lasting battery time, remember that don’t overcharge your headset because it causes battery drainage. And if you are looking to replace the headphone battery, remember that it is not a better option.

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