Top 10 Best Headphones For Music Production in 2021 (Buying Guides)

Finding the Best Headphones For Music Production to fit your vogue and listening habits is tough-particularly once there are so many different choices of the most comfortable headphone models in the market.

The good headphones for music include Most Comfortable Headphones Under 100 that cut the cord completely to immersive noise-canceling headphones that cut-out the globe and everything in between.

What all the top-rated headphones of 2021 have in common, is that they provide on best sounding, comfort, perfect-looking design and a great range of features, including built-in voice assistants and wireless connectivity.

A perfect pair of best quality headphones is essential for anyone who loves gaming, listens to loads of studio, hip hop production, or music lovers who prioritize best sound quality over anything else. The great news is, there’s a lot of choices available of best-branded headphones in the shops. You can search for high-quality headphones to suit you whether or not you’re sorting out for audiophile sound quality or budget-friendly wireless connectivity for working out.

With several choices to settle on from, creating the right buying decision can be tricky. It’s our mission to hook you up with the best sounding headphones for your needs and affordable.

Top Recommendation

We encourage you to appear in any respect of the best headphones For Music Production listed here on Amazon. However, if you are in an exceedingly hurry and simply wish to search out the best affordable headphones in the budget range, check out the top selected list from every category below.

 List of 10 best headphones for music production

1COWIN E7 PRO4.4Buy Now
2EKSA E900 USB Gaming Headset4.4Buy Now
3Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back4.4Buy Now
450MM Drivers Studio Headphones4.5Buy Now
5Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless
4.6Buy Now
6Audio-Technical ATH-M20x4.6Buy Now
7Bose QuietComfort 35 II
Buy Now
8Sony WH-1000XM4 4.6Buy Now
9Beats Solo3 Wireless4.7Buy Now
10Audio-Technica ATH-M50x4.7Buy Now

1- COWIN E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Buy Now
Model No:E7Pro
ConnectionBluetooth, NFC
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

Cowin provides the best headphones For Music Production in the market. Talking about technology, the Cowin E7Pro comes with professional active noise canceling. Vital noise reduction for the traveler, jogging, or work and anywhere in between.

It provides advanced active noise reduction technology quells airline cabin noise, at busy traffic, or a crowded place. With best sounding headphone enjoys your music, movies and videos. Its noise cancellation can work well with both in wire and wireless mode.

Cowin E7 Pro Comes with better sound and comfort. Proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers give you with deep, heavy bass response. From 75B TO 85dB, with Active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones provides you with crisp. supper high sound and with noise-cancelling help you to enjoy your music better. The goal that has customers. With perfect sound quality, is our constant pursuit.

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This headphone company provide soft ear cushions for comfort with the best protein ear-pad and 90 swiveling ear-cup:

This best Bluetooth headphone is equipped with high quality upgraded soft ear cushions, which make more comfortable and perfect, however also user enjoys this best-quality, long-lasting battery, and the skin shape, their weight is light and comfortable around-ear, fit easily, and you can wear a long time.

  • Noise Cancelation
  • 30 Hour Play Time
  • Ear Cushions for Comfort
  • Plastic Material

2- EKSA E900 USB Gaming Headset-Xbox One

EKSA E900 USB Gaming Headset
Buy Now
Model No:E900
Weight1.05 Pounds

Eksa gaming headset is the best headphone for music production. It provides 3.5mm audio interfaces, 2 removable designs, and also supports two mobile devices every time. The E900 50mm speakers offer you the best quality sound and provide you an image of the sound. Their surrounded sound gives you a good advantage as a gamer in different types of games. you can change the sound on the exact situation

They’re designed to supply ultra-slow distortion sound; you’ll hear all detail in your game. Their 360-degree adjustable microphone will devour sound with extra sensitive and close noise effectivity. their retractile band and soft skin ear pad of the headset provide a customized fit and the most comfort. Their best quality LED light produces a wonderful game atmosphere.

This headphone is very comfortable. The ear pad for the ears enables to wear them for long periods. The noise closing was amazing. This headphone closes all other noises. Their microphone is great and the headphone weight is light.

  • High quality sound
  • Surrounding sound
  • Cool Led Lights
  • No Active Noise cancelation

3- Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones

Status Audio CB-1
Buy Now
ManufactureStatus Audio
Model No:FBA_SACB1
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

If you are searching for the best-wired headphone for standard recording studios, this headphone will fulfill your needs. This headphone will deliver great effort to musicians, producers, and audio engineers. The CB-1 is top marked as the industry standard in recording studios around the world. Talking about technology the CB-1 has received important acclaim from the foremost discerning audiophiles on the online web conjointly as technology editors.

With large 50mm Drivers provides best studio-quality audio with a wide, expansive soundstage that puts you in the room with your friendly musicians. With the best technology hear the music way the artists, producers, mix and mastering engineers intended.

The CB-1 comes with beautifully designed and better comfort. The padded headband and overstuffed ear-pads were designed to be more comfortable during long time recording sessions. The design makes to its over-the-ear fully encloses, providing passive noise cancelling without any extra pressure on your head. It comes with adjustable headband to ensure a cozy match on your head, and clicking ridges give full customizability.  

  • Standard Recording
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable headband
  • Built quality is no good

4- 50MM Drivers Studio Headphones MAONO

50MM Drivers Studio Headphones MAONO
Buy Now
Weight14.1 ounces
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

The Maono MH601 is built-for better sound for those who love music. This company provides the best headphone for music production, with a 50mm large driver, which comes with better listening enjoyment. Much clarity throughout an extended frequency varies, with deeper, more bass response. With better active noise canceling technology quells airline cabin noise, crowded area, or busy streets, make your target what you wish to listen to.

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This headphone has a multi-functional design that supports headphone sharing, it has one extra headphone jack, for your partner to enjoys music or movies at the same time. With 2 standard-sized 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapters are included, just plug in the mixer or other alternative occasions. The headphone is compatible with most smartphones, PC, computers, or tablets.

Maono headphone has 90-degree swiveling ear-cups for straightforward, one ear watching. It has self-adjustable and versatile headband is appropriate for various individuals. You only have to be compelled to modify headband to your required and comfy angle. Also, 9.8ft coil retractile and detachable headphone cable provides you with a lot of moveable areas. 

  • Clarity Sound
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Ear-cup don’t rotate

5-Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones,

Marshall Major III
Buy Now
Model No:4092186
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

Marshall is the best headphone for music production with great features. This headphone easily connects with Bluetooth devices, smartphones, PC, computers, and tablets. The headphone has built with high quality and better comfort. It gives you more audio quality and freedom. The convenience to move 30 feet of wireless listing range.

If you are traveller and love to listens to music but worry about the headphone batteries. this headphone has a long-life battery; you can enjoy 30+ hours of wireless playtime on a single charge. This headphone has 40mm dynamic drivers that create custom-tuned for enhanced bass response, smooth midst and crystal clear highs that draw on over 50 years of sound heritage.

  • Easy connection with Bluetooth
  • Better Comfort
  • Crystal Clear sound
  • No Noise Cancelation

6- Audio-Technical ATH-M20x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black

best headphones for music production
Buy Now
ManufactureAudio Technica
Model No:AUD ATHM20X
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

Audio Technica is the best headphone for music production. This headphone is a good introduction. Their trendy style and best quality material combine to provide comfort and a great listening experience with increase audio and effective isolation. This is a superb choice for a music lover. Their cable length is 9.8/2.99m and sound quality is superb. Feel well created and easy to regulate size.

It comes with a plug adapter for various uses. Very lightweight and good clarity. Build quality is really good and the cable is thick and well created. Ear cushions are discomfort for an extended period of your time sort of a few hours. The ear can begin heating up once around 2 hours of usage and can cause discomfort.

  • Sound quality is good
  • Light weight
  • High quality cable
  • Uncomfortable for long period

7. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Buy Now
Model No:Comfort 35 ll
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

Bose comfort 35 ll is known as the best headphone for music production in the market with a great feature you can enjoy music or movies. It comes with great comfort. It provides 3 levels of best noise cancellation for a higher listening experience in any setting. Perfect audio performance at any volume level. Hassle-free Bluetooth connected customized setting and additional through the Bose Connect app.

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Their USB cable length is 12 inches. The Bose has the best sounding headphone for listening to music. The right ear-cup has 3 tiny buttons, and they manage lots of things volume of music, pause, rewind, answer calls, etc. And the left ear-cup has only one button, which controls the noise cancellation (high, low, off). The bass sound increased with noise cancellation for a few reasons.       

  • Amazing Sound
  • 3 level Noise Cancellation
  • Long Battery Life
  • Disconnects at shorter Distance
  • Noise Cancellation dose not Block All Sound

8. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling
Buy Now
Model No:WH1000XM4/B
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

Sony wireless is the best headphone for music production. It provides unimagined sound quality, hears each word easily no matter your surroundings. These headphone features further microphones that assist analytic sound whereas talking on the phone, leading to improved cellphone call quality and reducing extra high and middle-frequency sound. Their battery life is up to 30 hours with fast charging facility.

It also provides noise cancellation technology with high-quality sound. Enjoy increased sensible listening features set, and carry conversation hand free. This product is great, and the noise cancellation is good. It is very comfortable, and sound quality is best and easily connected with two phones.

  • Connected with 2 Phones Easily
  • Sound Cancellation Facility
  • Long life Battery
  • This Headphone do not Announce Caller

9. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones
Buy Now
Model No:Comfort 35 ll
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

Beat solo 3 is the best headphone for music production. It is the best quality wireless Bluetooth headphone and the colour is black. Its battery life is up to 40 hours.

Beats solo wireless is an excellent daily use headphone with quick fuel; five minutes of charging offers you three hours of backup when the battery is down. Adjustable fitting with comfortable ear cushions created for daily use.

Take the call, manage your music with several on-ear control functions. The beat company also provide a carrying case, USB charging cable, fast begin to guide and warrantee card within the box. It has amazing sound and easy to connect with the device.

  • Perfect for Daily Use
  • Long life Battery
  • Light Weight
  • Tight in Ear

10. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
Buy Now
ManufactureAudio Techinica
Model No:ATH-M50x
Headphone form FactorOver Ear

Audio Technica ATH-M50x is the best headphone for music production. This is the best quality headphone for observation; they need many important flaws that impractical casual listening.

These are much higher than Beats by Dre and most different consumer-grade headphones, as a result, you need a pair of headphones for audio observation.

Their build quality is outstanding and no issue. They could not break easily. The leather of the headband and ear-pad feel soft, but the quality is low. That is why this is not super comfortable, but their sound quality is very best.  

  • Best sound quality
  • Couldn’t break easily
  • Build quality is good
  • Low quality ear-pad


This article discussed the best headphones for music production that deliver the high quality best sound. These products are best for listening to music, playing games and studio recording. These products were also wireless and can connect with PC, smartphones and other device easily.

Amazon provides the best worldwide online shopping experience, and you easily buy all these products on Amazon.


Q1 Is Noise Cancelling bad for ears?

A1 noise cancellation in headphones doesn’t affect your hearing.

Q2 Are expensive headphones worth it?

A2 Yes, buying expensive headphones is worth it—especially when you consider just how much you’re getting in return.

Q3 Is it OK to sleep with headphones on?

A3 sleeping with your headphones while listening to music is a health risk and could cause permanent damage.

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