Top 5 Best Senso Bluetooth Headphones in 2021

There are so many choices when it comes to select a branded product. If you wanted to listen to the radio, your favorite track or podcast then you don’t need to spend more than $50 to buy the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds. If you only need the sound quality in wireless headsets than best Senso Bluetooth headphones in 2021 are the best options within the budget.

These earbuds can be used while you are traveling in car, train or bus and even during your workout sessions for distracting your focus from the surrounding world. They are best featured for the noise-cancellation attribute. The best thing about these wireless headphones is that they are tangle-free as they won’t distract you from your focused workout.

Sound quality

The main debate of headphones is their sound or audio quality. We have found in many expensive headphones that they promise for HD sound quality but when they get performed it lacks their promise on the other aspect we have found Senso Bluetooth as the best cheap headphones. They may compromise on their material quality but they assign great HD sound quality at the best cheap price with other good features as their competitors.

Charging time

The time of charging is an important aspect if you use the headphone all day. We know that everyone wants their headphones to get charged fully in a quick time. But most Bluetooth headphones take more than 1 hour to get fully charged for a long day run. So you should consider your usage on charging time while plugging them in your ears.


You should test the headphones by wearing them before buying knowing if they can stay in your ear for the long run or not. Even if it creates a little itchiness in your ear just remove them or boycott them before buying.


A microphone is another need after sound in a headphone set. You often get calls or you need to attend calls urgently while doing any work so keep a check while buying a headset that if its microphone is reliable to provide crystal clear sound or create distortion while switched on as per Bluetooth connectivity.


Some of the headphones can only be connected to android devices while some of the headphones are only compatible with iPhone devices. So, before purchasing any Bluetooth headphones check the connection if it applies to your device or not because it may cause a problem without knowing the compatibility of Bluetooth headphones.

Best guiding features to consider in best Senso Bluetooth headphones in 2021

No images Product Rating Prices
1 Super cheap Bluetooth earbuds Super cheap Bluetooth earbuds 4.4 Buy Now
2 ActivBuds S-250 SENSO ActivBuds S-250 SENSO 4.1 Buy Now
3 Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth 4.1 Buy Now
4 Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth 4.0 Buy Now
5 SENSO Bluetooth Wireless SENSO Bluetooth Wireless 3.9 Buy Now

1- Super cheap Bluetooth earbuds for bass head sports people.

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If you’re looking for cheap wireless headphones (under $ 30), Senso ActivBuds S-255 is the answer.

They are very popular for their low prices and their robust design that works. The design of the ear hook was copied after the model of the famous Beats Powerbeats so that they have the same appearance.

And if you’re a fan of irresistible bass, Senso Bluetooth headphones are the best choice for a current budget. Learn more below.

  • Very cheap
  • Reliable performance
  • Waterproof to IPX7
  • Long battery life for the price of 8 hours
  • A safe seat for all sports
  • Crushing bass (for a bass head)
  • Earphones bigger
  • Not the most comfortable
  • Powerful bass obscures other areas

2- ActivBuds S-250 SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

The Senso ActivBuds S-250 Bluetooth headphones are good sports headphones, but less than most other applications due to their poor sound quality. They are sturdy and portable so you can have them with you at all times.

They also have a decent build quality for their price and come with lots of accessories. Unfortunately, their mediocre sound is a compromise for most people, even if you only need a cheap headset for training.

The Senso ActivBuds S-250 has a sporty design similar to the Soundpeats Q9A. They have decent and well-made headphones that keep them from falling during exercise and are so portable that you can have them with you anytime.

They have a simple control scheme that provides good tactile feedback, and they come with a pair of memory foam tips for a more comfortable fit. Unfortunately, their decency, though decent, does not feel as good as that of Anker SoundBuds, and they do not offer so many high-level options that they are not so comfortable.

  • Stable for sports.
  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Deal breaker sound quality.
  • Poor noise isolation.

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3- Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

These earbuds are among the best and affordable Bluetooth headphones that you can buy easily for everyday use. Although they don’t come with the best quality material as it can be seen in its alternates. But still, they offer perfect HD sound better than others that everyone demands at first place. The ergonomic designs with flexible ear hooks make these earbuds comfortably settled in your ears for a long time run without itching. Therefore, we recommend the readers who are interested to buy them; they are lit for every situation.See Also:  Top 10 best affordable gaming headsets for big heads in 2021 full Buying Guide

The 9 hours playback time is enough for the audiophile so it also impresses through the battery life. The wireless attribute makes them indeed impressive when we talk about music quality. In addition to this, the integrated microphones make them more eligible to be bought in the first place as compared to their competitors because recording or taking calls are other irreplaceable attributes of these headphones.

The waterproof or sweatproof design makes them eligible to be worn in different situations like gym, workout sessions, hiking, jogging and running. The Bluetooth connectivity makes them work until 30 feet distance from your smart devices. But you should keep in mind for any Bluetooth or wireless headphones you should keep the connected device closer to certain headphones for better performance and to avoid any interference. 

  • It is rated 4.6 stars by the customers on Amazon.
  • They are waterproof as IPX7.
  • It provides you best HD sound quality.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • They don’t have the best material.
  • Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headsets

4- Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headsets

Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

If you are looking for the best budget headphones for noise-isolation than Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth wireless is the perfect option to buy at the best affordable price. These headphones provide you deep bass and crystal clear sound with their CSR 4.1 treble technology and Bluetooth capability. They are waterproof secure fit that is why they can be worn on a cloudy or rainy day.

The ergonomic design gives them the flexibility to get fitted in-ears smoothly without the hustle of free falls. The flexible ear hooks are attached with the single wire that is unable to get tangle that is why they are also the best headphones for girls who are looking for noise isolating wireless headphones and are college students. In general, we recommend them favorable for everyone who is looking for the best Bluetooth wireless headphones.

On a single charge, it gives you 8 hours of playtime with 240 hours on the standby mode. As we have tested it personally for a week so it takes hardly, 1 hour and 30 minutes for a full charge. It can take more time that depends on usage. You can do any work by wearing them as they have 30 feet Bluetooth tendency. Moreover, for noise isolation, it uses CVC 6.0 that totally blocks the background sound while making you focus on certain music and your calls that are being delivered by the headphones.See Also:  Top 5 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under 200 in 2020 – 2021

  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable as they don’t create ear soreness.
  • They are sweatproof.
  • It provides you best quality sound with CVC 6.0 noise-canceling attribute.
  • Amazon’s customers have rated it 3.9 stars.
  • They are best for workout and jamming sessions.
  • It creates little distortion in sound when more than 30 feets taken away from the connected smartphone.
  • Not good for video games.
  • They are not professional headphones.
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5- SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Sports Earphones

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Are you looking for headphones that could accompany you perfectly for the gym? Then you are in the right place because we have found these headphones ideal for workout and gym. They are available on Amazon’s choice list. They are highly appreciated by the customers because of their performance at the best cheap price.

The crystal clear sound is delivered with Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology. Moreover, the deep bass acoustically makes you more motivated in the gym. They perfectly repel the backward noise which we definitely hate when we are listening to own choice music. The HD quality sound makes you focused on music keeping you distracted from surrounding noises.

They are water-resistant means sweat resistant. So you don’t need to worry when sweating these headphones won’t get slipped out from ears because they are secure fit with the IPX7 feature. It has a long battery life through which you can enjoy music for up to 8 hours with 240 hours as the standby mode. So you just need to charge it for 1.5 hours for a long time run.

  • Bluetooth is great.
  • 1-year warranty with 30 days returns policy.
  • They are water as well as sweat resistant.
  • Great battery life.
  • The material isn’t great as compared to its competitor’s headphones.
  • They are not good for video games and calls.
  • No built-in mic for making calls.
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We have discussed the best Senso headphones in 2021 for everyone at the best affordable prices. These headsets are separately tested and then recommended by the editor. The over reviewed earphones are specifically designed to fit your ears comfortably while blocking out-coming noises completely. They are available on Amazon’s choice list on economic and cheap rates.

If you are looking for the quality sound then these headphones are highly recommended because they boost bass sound while enhancing the beats in the music. Furthermore, battery life is enough remarkable to increase the tendency to buy them. Because of their battery life attributes, people become delighted to buy them in the first place. So let us know, how much you found this article helpful through your precious feedback!