Are ceiling speakers good for surround sound?

Ceiling speakers

“What is surround sound?” It’s a system where sound is reproduced over some speakers, typically in multiple directions, and “What is ceiling speakers?” ceiling speakers are generally circular-shaped speakers that are designed to fit nested into your ceiling.

Are ceiling speakers good for surround sound? If you are looking for a cinematic experience or a home theatre experience, ceiling speakers are good addition. Ceiling speakers can be used in one or multiple rooms to bring a more realistic effect to the sound. Not only bring cinematic experience, but also speakers can add some extra bass and volume to your room. But in someone’s opinion they are a little noisy too.

So, this article will tell you whether ceiling speakers are good or noisy for surround sound?.

Are ceiling speakers make much noise?

Usually ceilings speakers are not make much noise but if you are using ceiling speakers and have a problem with them or they really make too much noise! For this issue: firstly check the connection between speakers and device, damage of wires or other parts or interference from the surrounding. These are some problems which make noise.

Loose Connection:

Make sure all the connections between speakers and devices are solid. If they’re not, the speakers will make noise when trying to communicate with each other.

Damage of wires:

Ensure that there is no physical damage to the speakers or wires. If problem occur with the vibrating cone inside the speaker so you can replace the cone with other one, but replacing the cone is not a viable option. Replacing the damaged speaker with the new one is also a solution and it will reduce the noise, but it is cost-effective.


Interference occurs when the connections are faulty or damaged. Use the backer box for the protection of interference. It will redirect the sound waves coming from the ceiling speaking. Basically, the backer box is an airtight enclosure containing a sound within a room and does not make noise outside the room. Additionally, it protects your ceiling speaker from being damaged.

Ceiling or wall speaker, which is better for surround sound?

Ceiling Vs Wall Speaker

Both ceiling and wall speakers are used for a good surround sound system. But the question arises which one is better for you? So, If you are confused between a ceiling speaker or wall speaker for your surround sound. Here is a quick comparison. 

Ceiling speakers typically mount on the ceiling of a room. Ceiling speakers are good at the multidimensional sound, are visually appealing and less expensive than wall speakers. Ceiling speakers give an immersive sound experience, but they are not flexible in terms of placement because there are various locations on the ceiling where they can be placed. So, you have to put it correctly for better quality.

Wall speakers also generate dimension in sound when you place multiple speakers on different walls. Wall speakers provide better quality but are larger in size than ceiling speakers. The larger size is also a hassle because you need more space. But the best part of the wall speaker is placement flexibility. They can be fitted on the front or back or corners of the room, but it is costly or not pocket-friendly compared to the ceiling speakers.

Both types of surround sound systems have their qualities. So, whether you choose a ceiling or wall speaker is depends on your need, budget and what you are looking for your surround sound system. But my recommendation is for ceiling speakers because you can place them anywhere inside or outside the room without making a big hole in the wall. Also, it is less expensive than wall speakers.

Things to remember when using ceiling speakers

  • When looking for a ceiling speaker, make sure that it’s compatible with your home theatre system. You also have to make sure that the speaker is easy to install, use and enough effective because you don’t want to spend a fortune on a speaker that won’t be worth it in the end.
  • A ceiling speaker is an investment. It’s important to make the right decision when it comes to what type of speaker you buy. There are many types of speakers out there, and it’s important to choose one that will fit for your home decor perfectly.
  • If you live in a rental house and your landlord does not allow it, there is no other way to install a speaker in the house, so it is better to try an alternative solution.
  • For bathroom and kitchen environment, some ceiling speakers that are humidity-resistant can be used.
  • Also, remember that ceiling speakers do not have built-in amplifiers, so it is run from the external amplifier via speaker cable, and the chances of showing wires are possible.

Make home theatre with ceiling speaker.

If you have a large room and want to enjoy your home theatre set up to its best potential, get a ceiling speaker. These powerful speakers will take your music and video experience to the next level.

The ceiling speaker is perfect for home theatre use. They also come with auto-level and bass control features, which allow users to adjust their sound settings as needed, depending on what type of sound output they want to achieve.

Some of the ceiling speakers come with a voice controlling system. Control your system with the help of Alexa and google assistant. Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other platform in which they’re integrated. Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker that uses voice recognition technology to answer questions, play music, set timers and alarms for you, provide weather forecasts, and much more. These amazing technologies will make more people interested in buying ceiling speakers. 

There’s certainly a large range of home theatre speaker options to choose from in different styles and price points. But certain models are especially ideal for home theatres and surround sound setups.

For example, Sonos Playbar is an excellent option for such setups since it has a built-in subwoofer. However, there are others as well. Some ceiling speakers are specifically made for use in your home theatre, so you’ll need to get a separate subwoofer if you want to get a full surround sound system.

Sono PlayBar
check price

Speaker placement:

The Placement of the speaker is based on the size of the room. If you have a large room, then multiple ceiling speakers will be used for covering the space, but if you have a small average room, then place a minimum of one pair of good-quality speakers in a room, and these speakers should be placed at equal distance from each other.

Sometimes the Placement of Bluetooth ceiling speakers are not in the range of Bluetooth, and it keeps cutting out the sound quality. So check out the reason behind why speakers cut out the sound quality.

Reason not to use:

Ceiling speakers are not for everyone but are beneficial for the people who want a cinematic environment. There are some reasons for not using ceiling speakers and that is:

  • If you do not have a pre-installed speaker socket, it’s going to be tough to hide wires as speakers require a long cable.
  • The placement of speakers are tough enough.
  • Also, It is often risky to invest such amount if it will not work according to one’s desire or plan.


With all of this being said, choosing ceiling speakers is your best bet. The main reason of buying is, their versatility and pocket-friendly budget. Ceiling speaker is a good surround sound system for those who want a cinematic experience at their home. But also there are some things to remember before using the ceiling speakers that is cables are showing, rental house issue or placing speakers at the right position.

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